Enactus – Week 48 – Dina Zaouid

Enactus – Week 48 – Dina Zaouid

Internship blog

Hey readers of this blog! This week I’m filling you in again about the progress of our project, which honestly isn’t that much because we are again stuck with the same problem: We can’t find a supplier.

Last week I told you that we decided to visit the Food Center of Amsterdam, the biggest wholesale food market in the region. Last Tuesday we went indeed to take a look at our possibilities for finding a supplier of food waste. The information desk referred us to three companies who are the big players in the field of processing food waste. Unfortunately, none of them were open to our idea of reducing waste and thereby creating a more sustainable future. The problem with those companies is that they process the food waste at a very large-scale level, so they actually are not waiting for some student project to come between the large contracts they have with the food suppliers. Furthermore, it’s their business to process and destroy the food waste so it’s understandable that they don’t want to help us.

We also mailed the wholesales Makro, Hanos and Sligro Ven but we didn’t receive any answer. We’ve changed our strategy several times but we still haven’t found what we are looking for. It’s really much harder in real life than on paper.

This week we’ll try to go and visit some food markets (for instance Albert Cuyp) and see what they are doing with their rest products. We will also try to contact Kromkommer, which is a company similar to our project. They convert misshaped food into products like soup. Maybe they will help us with finding a supplier.

We hope for better news next week!

Dina Zaouid


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