Assignment 2 Social networks -week 45-Alexander van Ravenswade

Assignment 2 Social networks -week 45-Alexander van Ravenswade

Hello Fellow bloggers,

Hereby I would like you to introduce you to my network. In the touchgraph in this page, there a several clusters to recognize. We call them by color as that is the easiest. So we have the light green on top. We have the big multi colored one in the middle. And the last one is the yellow at lets say two o’clock.

Before I can explain why the clusters are separated I have to explain you something about myself. I’m was born into a Jewish community in Amsterdam. I’m an orthodox Jew and as a (opera) singer I’m also an active cantor in the synagogues in Amterdam, Holland and abroad. Next to that I study here at the university.

So to begin with the big multi-colored cluster in the middle you see different colors. This big cluster is the Jewish community as you can see most of my friends are founded in this circle. The different colors mean that there are several (age) groups in the community. As a cantor I have to deal with several layers of the community. The green one on the top is a Jewish community in Munich where I used to work as a singer (cantor) in the synagogue. That’s why the cluster is separated from the main one in the middle. The yellow one at two o’clock is separated because its simply the network at the university. As you can see they are not really connected to my Jewish network.

As a singer and as a singer being a entrepreneur I would find not that much opportunities. My network in the classical musical world is quit small. Although there are some in my network specially in the non jewish cluster. I know a lot about the jewish community and can see very clear where the opportunities are and where they are not. But the opportunities would lie in another not-named cluster of classical musical artists in my network.

The yellow group are my university friends who are the same age as my and have some of the same lifestyle as I do. They are not Jewish and are not married so the network is a bit different. The big cluster in the middle is huge with al kinds of people. Old, young, doctors, entrepreneurs, poor people, rich people are to be found in the network. The Munich cluster consists more of people of my age whom I met in Munich when I worked there. There most well educated and are starting their marital and professional life.

Burt writes about being in between clusters. There two positions one can take. Being the connecting third (Tertius Iungens) or the laughing third (Tertius Iaudens). I would see myself more as a Tertius Iungens. Specially taking the classical world into my Jewish network and expose them to the non-Jewish art, and bringing Jewish Music into the Classical world.

That was all

Alexander 2005727

touchgraph sacha

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