Lucie Swart_Week48_Entrepreneurship and networks

Lucie Swart_Week48_Entrepreneurship and networks

Hi fellow bloggers,

This week we had two interesting guest lectures about association membership and its returns and also one about networking in practice. This week’s blog is about association membership and its returns. What is association membership actually? They are typically non-profit, with the aim to allow its members to follow their range of interest and interact/share it with each other. It provides access to information, referrals, resources and support, which will increase the social capital of the entrepreneur.

The woman I interviewed the last time doesn’t have voluntary memberships, that’s why I am going to specify which association I would recommend her to become a member of. I think I would place her in the category business and professional. People who belong to this association will promote the business interest of their members and/or promote the professional interests of their members and the profession generally. An example of such association is chambers of commerce. I would place her in this category, because of the fact that she is a starting entrepreneur. Yet she doesn’t know a lot of people she can share her interests with. I think it will give her business/ career a boost if she becomes member of this association. Moreover she can promote her business in general, which will help her in creating brand awareness. Membership will help her expand her existing network but will also create new relationships. She will meet a lot of new people when she becomes member of this kind of association, with whom she will discuss all her interests. Through this way the possibility to meet additional associations increases. The diversity of members’ social networks can help entrepreneurs obtain information and resources, which is profitable in conducting a business. Moreover you can build diverse social networks and profit the benefits. These factors contribute to network expansion and network productivity!

See you next week!



Teckchandani, A. (2014). Do Membership Associations Affect Entrepreneurship? The Effect of Type, Ronald van Esomposition, and Engagement.


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