Floris den Boer, week 47, entrepreneurship&networks assignment 4

Floris den Boer, week 47, entrepreneurship&networks assignment 4

Hi everyone,

For this week’s assignment we had to interview a female and a male entrepreneur. I interviewed Marieke and Bert. Bert is an organisation advisor. He had gone bankrupt with his construction company during the Economic Crisis in 2008 and with that experience he advises other companies to prevent to go bankrupt. Bert’s networkstyle can be explained by saying that he looks for relevant people for his company. He often tries to enrich his network with people or organizations with a good reputation and he also often pays attention to the potential added value of the relationships to his enterprise. This networkingstyle has some challenges. He doesn’t always know when someone is of added value and it could be that he invests a lot of time in someone, but in the end that someone can’t give him what he needs. His plan to improve this aspect to do more research about someone in the future.

Marieke has a company where you can order postcards online. They offer handmade postcards for diverse occasions, and there is a pack of tea added to the postcard to increase the experience of the receiver. Her company is now three years old and they are making a higher profit every year. Her networking style was very informal and she used social media a lot. Everytime she needs something of a networkrelationships she tries to talk about other things first before she is going to talk about business. One of the challenges related to the business outcomes was how to ask for something. Despite Marieke uses a informal networking style, she still finds it hard to change the subject to business and asks something of someone. Marieke plans to improve these aspects to give first before she starts to asks something, because then it is much easier.

A gender difference noticed in the excelsheet is that Bert search more for prestige ties then Marieke and that Marieke uses more social media than Bert, but I also have the feeling that this last differences can be explained because of their age difference. Marieke is 26 and Bert is 52.

Kinds regards,

Floris den Boer


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