Week 47, Jonas Vermaas, Internship Update!

Week 47, Jonas Vermaas, Internship Update!

Hi Readers,

This blog will describe the latest developments at the challenge for the Feniksgroep Internship. Monday we had an appointment with our internship supervisor Serena. Because of the prevailing flu we only participate with Floris and Sacha. We updated Serena about the movie and the folder. We told her that the movie is doing very well and Sacha told us that he had contact with a filmmaker who is willing to help us, free of charge. The folder still needs a lot of work. I think the content is the hardest part. Serena asked some critical question and helped us with new contacts for more information. With these contacts we arranged some extra interviews. Floris and I interviewed an entrepreneur one Wednesday. For me it was the first time to hear actually the whole story of an entrepreneur who has experienced a faillissement. The story itself was quite fiercely especially because it really hurt the private situation of the entrepreneur. At the end of the interview we told her about our idea of the movie and the folder and she responded very positively. Especially involving the periphery was something that really could make an impact in reaching entrepreneurs in tough conditions. Interviewing entrepreneurs, apart from the interesting stories,  really gives me more input for the folder. Because the folder should be a guideline for the entrepreneurs it’s really important that the content is good and that we write in the right entrepreneurial language. Otherwise it will be just one of the folders thats are held for five seconds and ends up in the litter bin at the end of the day. When everybody is healthy again we really have to work on the folder!

Bye bye! 

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