Week 47 – Assignment 4 – Networks – J.Toivonen

Week 47 – Assignment 4 – Networks – J.Toivonen

For this blog post I invited two entrepreneurs for an interview about their networking behavior. The other one was a female entrepreneur who works as a fashion designer in Finland. The other one was male entrepreneur who has his own application for reading magazines.

For the female entrepreneur, the networking style was a lot about focusing on expanding her network, for instance, by participating in different events in which she can meet people from the field. She also mentioned that reputation is very important especially when it comes to fashion field in Finland, which is not such a big industry and many people know each other. As can be seen from the result, relational networking – including prestigious tie seeking and categorizing behavior – was the most important networking practice for her. To improve her networking practices, she would consider using social media even more for example, by writing a blog.

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Also the male entrepreneur used relation networking more than other networking practices. He also mentioned that sharing ideas and discussing about them with others is very important for his business. The male entrepreneur also stressed that having a good reputation is important for the business in a long run because then people trust you and wants to collaborate you. He also considered social media very important when it comes to get into contact not only with existing network but also new network relationships.

When comparing the results of male and female entrepreneurs, there are not so big differences. Male entrepreneur was a little bit more active in assortative networking – including tie sorting, knowledge sharing and tie exploiting – whereas the female entrepreneur was more active in other networking practices. In general, they both considered maintaining network relationships very important because it helps with future opportunities.

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