Week 44 – Entrepreneurship & Networks – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170

Week 44 – Entrepreneurship & Networks – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170

Hey folks!

In this weeks’ blog I would like to present the results of the short interview on a survey I recently had with two very good friends of mine who are both entrepreneurs. One owns a company which sells luxury coffee, pastries and lovely Italian Ice-Cream (who is a male, 30 years) and my other friend (who is a female, 21 years) is a young entrepreneur in pimping up sneakers and shoes by means of coloring and stitching. I also asked some questions regarding to embeddedness. Both entrepreneurs indicated they were truly a part of their company’s’ local structure and therefor they were very embedded.

The entrepreneur in the field coffee and sweets (M) frequently told me that the main goal of his business is to offer quality rather than quality for their customers. By getting feedback and review he indicates that he improves in a certain weekly base. His networking style can be considered as relational and assortative rather than proximity networking. A lot of his customers come by regularly and also a lot of new customers pass by his shop every day. Due to his company is franchise, he already obtains all the networks he needs such as suppliers and also other entrepreneurs who own a similar store in their near environment.

The entrepreneur in the field of pimping up shoes and sneakers (F) indicated that her firm is relative small and she uses more of their direct networks who introduce new potential clients for her. The networking style of the female entrepreneur is more equally distributed through the proximity, assortative and relational networks rather than the male entrepreneur. She also states that social media such as Facebook and Linked-In are very important for all her networks, from clients to possible suppliers.

Nima Rounaghi

Week 44 – Entrepreneurship & Networks – 2564170


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