Bárbara Macedo – Week 47 – Networks – Assignment 4

Bárbara Macedo – Week 47 – Networks – Assignment 4

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For this week’s assignment we had to interview two entrepreneurs, from different genders, and analyze if there is any relation or contrasts when it comes to their networking. To make a good comparison I chose to interview two entrepreneurs who have similar characteristics, except their gender. 

The male entrepreneur has 27 years old and has his own IT development company, his main project is to develop websites. The business was launched in 2010. He works mostly with internet, the company don’t have a working spot. The female entrepreneur is 24 years old and has a online shop where she sells fashion accessories, it is a new business, the site has been operating since January 2014. Also, she works only with the internet and uses her own house as the place for storage.

To analyze their network I conducted an interview and responded a questionnaire that explores eight different categories: tie sorting, knowledge sharing, prestigious tie seeking practices, categorizing behavior, undirected signaling, digital dyadic signaling, directed organizing. 

This is the graphical results of the questionnaire:

graphic networks

During the interview the entrepreneurs told me what would be the main feature of their networking. There was a similarity in that answer: both of them defined their network mostly as colleagues with whom they have studied. This answer contrasts with what Popielarz (1999) cited that men and women are inserted in different networks and this differences could generate divergent economic consequences. They have the same network: students from their high school and/or university. On the other hand, this students could have different interests and that might have led them to different paths: Technology and fashion.

Both of the business require constant help from its network. As a result of my observation in the interview the male has the awareness that it is important to expand and invest in your network. Even though he knows that it is from his network that he can get the key resources for the success of his business, he doesn’t spend much time and effort in trying to increase his network. 

See you next week!


The female entrepreneur knows the importance of a good network but she doesn’t think about it so much. Also, during the interview she thanked me for having mentioned this relevant issue when it comes to managing a successful business.

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