#4 – Jeroen ten Hoopen – Entrepreneurship and Networks

#4 – Jeroen ten Hoopen – Entrepreneurship and Networks

Hi all, 

Last week was an exciting week when it comes down to the course entrepreneurship and networks. We had to invite two entrepreneurs (one male and one female) to link the theory we learned to practice. Both wanted to stay anonymous so no names will be used in the blog.

First I interviewed the male entrepreneur. He is a third year student at the UvA who started his own business about a year ago. With him being only 23 years old, it’s quiet young to become an entrepreneur. He is running a tutoring business in which he helps both high school as well as university students. It started small with him tutoring people but as more and more people got aware of what he was doing, his business expanded. The aspect most important for his business seems to be tie sorting. When I discussed this with him after completing the questionnaire he agreed on this. Both his clients (the students) as well as his employees (tutoring teachers) he recruits through his network and mainly through Facebook. Which also is the place he started his business at and where people first got familiar with his business.

The second person I interviewed is a 22-year old girl from the Hague who has her own cosmetics line. For her just as with the other person tie sorting is really important, although she uses it in a different way. For her recruiting new employees is not that important, she runs the business on her own. But getting people aware of her product is maybe even more important. Another fun different fact between the two is that she uses her network much more often to share knowledge. And at last, she scores much higher on directed organizing. Whether this is because of her gender I don’t know. But I think it is hard to compare the two, where the interviewed male is running a business which delivers a service, the female runs a business that delivers a product. Both need different approaches. So I don’t think the different scores on how they use their networks is due to their gender but can be subscribed to the sector their business is active in.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog.

See you next week!

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