For this 4th assignment we had to interview a male and a female entrepreneur to evaluate the social networking attributes that they put into play, the ones they lack, and what contrast is detailed when we compare both interviews based on gender as a variable.

My first interview was conducted to Alejandro, owner of a flight academy in Miami. He placed a lot of interest in tie-seeking practices at a resource-based level. Alejandro stated that “in order to acquire and have access to new resources you might need, you have to expand your network at a multidisciplinary level, that way you have several access points to resources you need or might need” and then we discussed the importance of the shadow of the future to maintain these. He said that using social media to maintain these ties and have a proper network deepening  might come off as a bit informal but works efficiently. His closest ties have the higher level of social network connecting and the rest are usually via mail. Nevertheless, whenever he tries to strengthen a tie he tries to level these relations via social media. Aviation is a very specific business so these contacts, he usually finds by coining transitivity from existing relations or conventions because it’s a vocation and a passion. When it’s business applicable relations such as a finance, marketing, or any other branch connection, he evaluates the background and the need thoroughly. Results prove that he lacks in social media interactivity and presence but that his awareness for the use is prevalent.

My second interview was conducted to Maria owner of a pastry and cuisine franchise in Caracas. She is currently expanding her company so much focus is placed into network expansion for latter network deepening. The company rose from existing contacts buying the product and applying word of mouth and that got it to a bigger level. To turn this into a enterprise she attends conventions and spreads business cards and looks for advice. She tries to see what appeals the customers the most. Her use of social media to make new connection either for clientele or employees is very active as the expansion level is raising.

Comparing these two interviews based on gender would make several evident contrasts. The first being the different sectors where they work. One is Aviation and the other is Cuisine. It’s interesting to see that Maria has a bigger interest in social networking than Alejandro, but Alejandro places more importance in financial capital growth when networking. Maria places interest in human and cultural capital but her networking approach had more homophily as to which connections where lastly maintained and employed for knowledge advice and enterprise growth. This could mean that men do look more often for means of power and financial gain than women do, then again we don’t have suffice proof.


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