Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 4 – Week 47

Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 4 – Week 47

Hi, and welcome to my fourth blog for Entrepreneurship & Networks.

I hope that you enjoyed my last blog, and this weeks blog as well. In order to complete this weeks assignment, I took an interview with two friends of mine, both entrepreneur and friendly enough to help me during this research. The male entrepreneur, 47 years old, is a founder of multiple IT companies. Currently he is working on a new website log in system for banks and insurance companies. It is the only one he owns, since he sold the other ones. The female entrepreneur owns her own high school tutoring company.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 12.33.00

Surprisingly, the results of the interview are more or less the same. Both entrepreneurs do not focus on expanding their network and acquire new relations, but focus on the quality of the network relations. It seem that the knowledge and status they have are more important than the size of the network.

The networking style that both entrepreneurs can be explained by the sort of company they own. The male entrepreneur, focused on the quality of the code of his system, needs highly educated relations to keep up with the level he works on. The female entrepreneur is more focused on organising and tie sorting, since the only relations she needs in her network are clients. Quality of these clients is not necessary.

Knowledge sharing also had the higher or the scores. The male entrepreneur was interested in new techniques and structures of programming systems. The female entrepreneur wanted to know how competitors filled their role as a tutor in order to improve her own function.

On the subject of events both scored very low. They did not see the importance of a gathering of networks.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

Mike Spits


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