Luuk Staudt, Blog Entrepreneurship and Networks, week 47

Luuk Staudt, Blog Entrepreneurship and Networks, week 47

Female-Male comparison

Hello again,

For this week’s assignment we had to conduct a semi structured interview with two entrepreneurs using the questionnaire from Stam, Verstraete, Wakkee & Groenewegen (2014). For the assignment I interviewed two doctors from Poland. These doctors are my girlfriends parents and were, given the short notice of this assignment, the two entrepreneurs I could get an interview with in time for the deadline.

The female entrepreneur is 55 years of age. She is specialized in neonatology and has her own company for close to twenty years. In Poland it is almost necessary for doctors to have their own enterprises, even when working for a hospital or Clinique. When looking at the networking style it can be stated that she is very active. Tie sorting, knowledge sharing and tie exploiting are especially strong points of this entrepreneur. She stated that this is very important because in her profession it can even save lives. Digital dyadic signaling and directed organizing are points subject to improvement. Reason for the poor scoring on these matters, according to the entrepreneur herself, were time-issues. For business-outcomes email and face-to-face contact suffices. Although she did express the intend to organize more conventions. If this will increase depends on the availability of resources.

The male entrepreneur is 56 years of age. His specialization is orthopedics. He started his company fifteen years ago. At this moment in time he is contracted by a Clinique where he holds his own office. His networking style is very business oriented. This is also shown by the categorizing behavior. With the entrepreneur I discussed why he scored so low on digital dyadic signaling and directed organizing. Just like the female entrepreneur he stated that he was over occupied as it is. He did not show the intend to change this as it would not change his expectations concerning business outcomes.

In this case the female entrepreneur really outperformed the male entrepreneur. The outcome that we saw in the guest lecture that female entrepreneurs use social media more was not reflected in this case, because both use the social media to a minimum.

See you next week!

Luuk Staudt (2506898)


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