Gender and Entrepreneurship – Week 47 – Dina Zaouid

Gender and Entrepreneurship – Week 47 – Dina Zaouid

Hello again! For this week’s assignment I invited two entrepreneurs – one male, 29 years and a professional website designer and one female, 52 years and owner of a clothing boutique – for a short interview about their networking behavior. By using a questionnaire I investigated their networking behavior and in this blog I will briefly discuss and compare them.

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From the results is clear that the male entrepreneur almost scores higher at every dimension of social networking behavior. While interviewing the 29-old website designer, I noticed that he’s always consciously trying to enlarge his network and thereby creating more clients and sometimes employees. He scored the best on prestigious tie seeking which is definitely in line with his way networking behavior because when I asked him about this topic specifically he stressed out that he actually 70% of the time is trying to search for prestigious entrepreneurs/clients/employees or whatsoever. He’s convinced that this will have a positive effect on his enterprise, which indeed is the case since he nowadays is a highly recognized website designer. The dimensions that challenged the male entrepreneurs the most were categorizing behavior and directed organizing. He actually don’t think that categorizing behavior is necessary and is not planning to put much effort in it to improve it. However, he finds directed organizing very important and he already knew from himself that he has a hard time improving it because he’s used to get into contact with new relationships through the internet and not really go out to conventions or exhibitions about entrepreneurship. He will try however to change this in the future.

The female entrepreneur on the contrary, just concentrates on her clothing boutique and hopes for customers to walk her store in. She never really stood by the fact of networking. When the income of her store decreased, her daughter opened a website and Facebook page for her, which dragged some new customers. She actually has problems with every dimension because she’s not used to actively enlarge her network. After the interview, she told me that she will try to improve her network skills in the hope she would improve her business outcomes.

In my case the male entrepreneur was much more active in networking than the female entrepreneur, but of course it doesn’t always has to be this way.

Thanks for reading!

Dina Zaouid


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