Internship week 47 Ine van der Spek, 2508404

Internship week 47 Ine van der Spek, 2508404

Hello everyone,

This week our group had two meetings, both on monday. The first meeting was at the Fenixgroep, in Utrecht. It was a feedback session with Serena Scholten about our progress and further plans. She was very happy about our ideas and the main conclusion of the feedback session was to keep on going the way we were. Of course she had a couple suggestions but there were no extreem changes needed.

The next meeting that was planned also on monday, was a meeting in the town hall in Utrecht. Sacha and Floris went there together. The meeting was about the flyer and the possibility that they could help us with the flyer. During the meeting they found out that the the town hall had a project very similar to ours and that they were planning to make an virtual flyer. The town hall told us that they were not able to help us in any way (financing or thinking). However, they might be able to put Fenixgroep on there flyer as a possible possible place to go to for entrepreneurs that are dealing with bankruptcy.

Robert and I worked further with Vivienne, our producer. She worked on the script and we thought about location and actors. For next week we planned to really invite people to our project. Focus on a filmmaker and maybe professional actors. For now I want to wish everybody a lovely weekend.


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