Week 47 – Internship blog – M. van der Burg

Week 47 – Internship blog – M. van der Burg

This week we had been working according to our schedule, we are making quite some progress. We are working on 3 parts of our marketing model this week. These parts are: Interest, Conviction and Desire.


This is one of the most challenging stages in this marketing model. You’ve got the attention of a chunk of your target audience, but can you engage with them enough so that they’ll want to spend their precious time understanding your message in more detail?

Gaining the entrepreneurs’ interest is a deeper process than grabbing their attention as described last week. They will give you a little more time to do it, but you as a company must stay focused on their needs. This means helping them to pick out the messages that are relevant to them quickly. So use bullets and subheadings, and break up the text to make your points stand out. Not only presenting your USP’s.


The idea of conviction is that before you get to a final purchase action or agreement, a cognitive state of understanding the value is needed that matches the emotional state of desire. This takes some time but is really beneficial.


The Interest and Desire parts of our marketing model go hand-in-hand: As you’re building the entrepreneurs’ interest, you also need to help them understand how what you’re offering as a company can help them in a real way. The main way of doing this is by appealing to their personal needs and wants. Explain to entrepreneurs what’s in it for them.

Next week we will be meeting at SEEDS to present our progress and discuss any questions and feedfack our contact person has for us.




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