Pedram Shadbash – Week 47 – Internship @

Pedram Shadbash – Week 47 – Internship @

Hi everyone,

Last monday turned out to be another success. Not that there were colleagues who invested in a project on our crowdfunding event this monday, but it was nevertheless great PR and free marketing for the entrepreneurs who had a chance to show their project to a lot of people.

This week’s entrepreneur had some great positive ideas on how to bring people closer to each other. She has developped cards that people give to each other. Cards that say thank you for instance, or cards that say I am amused. Cards that you can give to a stranger outside, and cards that you can give to yourself as a reward. Her positive way of thinking has probably been the reason why she recognized positive thoughts and thinking as a business opportunity. Nonetheless, we had a fun afternoon and she sent me an e-mail afterwards saying that she had been inspired to take her crowdfunding project to the next level.

Afterwards, I had a meeting with a communication advisor from Corporate Communications. We have set up some agreements, and work them out upcoming monday in order to strengthen our internal communication regarding While a lot of colleagues are friendly and listen to what the entrepreneurs we invite have to say, other colleagues have never even heard of Some om of them have heard of it, but did not know that it belongs to our own company.

A lot of reasons to work out our internal communication and make progress here.

Keep you posted next week!



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