Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – Week 44 – Internship blog

Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – Week 44 – Internship blog

Hey guys, long time no see!

Unfortunately during this weeks’ internship I was ill and was not able to join the internship session. Instead of monday, on thursday Carsten & I had our meeting with our supervisor to discuss some things on the progression and things he still missed.

Unfortunately, the communication between us (Carsten, me and our superviso) was not really good during the last few internship sessions and so we discussed a couple of essential things that still had to be happend in order to be able to do a pilot in the month of January.

Our supervisor suggested that in january, he wants to run a pilot amongst SBI bachelor students, where they have to work on a business related case. In this pilot he wants to run a short sample on if the concept of an online portfolio is indeed a good method to make the students communicate more with each other and to eventually improve the quality of lecturing and tutoring. We also discussed the concept of giving feedback to each other, as students do with each other and also the possibility for lecturers to give feedback on students or groupsm of students. The pilot will be on an already existing platform such as facebook groups where people simply only have to log in with their facebook account and to interact with each other.

We also discussed that it may be better to sit at our supervisors’ office instead of our place in the metropolitan in order to let the communication flow in a good and positive way so that we can focus on the final result, which is of course more interaction and improving the communication skills amongst students.

Nima Rounaghi

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