Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 47

Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 47

Hi, and welcome to my weekly blog,

This week we had a meeting with Michel Visser, founder of Konnektid. This took place in the Impact Hub in Amsterdam. This is an sort of open office where you can “rent” a room to work or have a board meeting. To rent a room you need to be subscribed to the Impact Hub.

Michel told us about the reason why came up with this project and what the structure was. He had a lot to tell us so the one hour we had was awfully short. After explaining why we wanted to arrange a meeting in the first place he seemed quite enthusiastic and immediately asked us why we wouldn’t help him with his business plan. Since we hadn’t decided the company we wanted to work with yet, we actually thought that would be a good idea so after the meeting we went back to the Board to talk about it with Els. She liked the idea too so today we contacted Michel again to see whether he definitely wants to do it.

Unfortunately due to mandatory classes, I wasn’t able to go to the Board today, but my fantastic colleague Bárbara did go and sorted things out.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Mike Spits


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