Luuk Staudt – Blog 10, Week 47 – Presenting our draft.

Luuk Staudt – Blog 10, Week 47 – Presenting our draft.


Good afternoon dear reader. Welcome once more on the blog concerning the spotting gazelles challenge for ACE@VU. This week was rather exciting. All the questions for the survey have been formulated and implemented in the Qualtrics survey. Although creating the questions was a difficult process at first, it now turns out our survey would take 20 minutes to complete. Therefore we are now brainstorming about which questions are absolutely crucial and which can be deleted. An interesting but time-consuming process.

However, there is more good news to report. A gazelle entrepreneur confirmed our meeting for next week to conduct an interview with him. This means we have the chance to actually talk to one of the winners of the FD gazelle awards. We plan to keep the interview quite open. This allows for a less forced setting and facilitates him to be more at ease. Something that is very important, for it allows him to showcase more of his characteristics. Hopefully he will also be able to give us a little tour around the company. Then we could also talk to some of the other employees and see how they view the founder of the business.

Next week will be interesting for another reason as well. Six students will take part in the draft survey to provide us with feedback for improvement. A regular visitor, a phd candidate, also offered to take part and give us his professional opinion. So you can state that all the tools are handed to us to make a perfect survey. Next week I will tell you a bit about the results and the results of the interview. See you all next week.

Luuk Staudt (2506898)


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