Lucie, Jeroen & Chris – Week 47 – Group 3 – ER

Lucie, Jeroen & Chris – Week 47 – Group 3 – ER

Hello readers,

for the course Enterprising Regions we all had to choose a subject on which we had to do our research. Our choice fell on the film industry. To decide on a research question, wasn’t as easy as we expected, since we only knew so much about the subject.

We started our research with getting to know the industry, by finding some scientific papers, journals and books who could give us a better insight into the Dutch film industry. For our first (individual) assignment we had to make two summaries and discuss the relevance of the particular paper to the topic and explain the contribution to the theoretical framework. After we digged a little deeper into the literature and after the meeting with our coordinator it became clear that the year 2007 was critical in the Dutch film industry. The creative sector had suffered tremendously from the budget cuts and the change in tax policy that the government had enforced. This problem led to the following research question: What has changed in the film industry since the dissappearance of the tax advantages in 2007? To give an adequate answer to this question, we have a couple of key things that we are going to intertwine into our sub questions. These key things are:

– How do foreign countries finance their films, with the focus on the US

– What is the role of the government (subsidies/tax-deductibility)

– What kind of role do the institutions take in

– What kind of role is layed out for the creater/producer of the film

– City marketing, what kind of influence does city marketing have on the Dutch film industry?

For our interviews we are still thinking about who we are going to interview, we have some ties into the film industry, but it is going to be hard. But since the role of the government as well as institutions is quite prominent, we see a lot of possibilities to find some useful interviewees.

Till next time,

Lucie, Jeroen & Chris – Group 3

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