Guido Spooren, Week 47, Update on Progress

Guido Spooren, Week 47, Update on Progress

Hi readers, welcome to already my tenth blog about my internship at Feniksgroep.

Last Monday, we had another meeting with our internship coordinators to talk about our progress so far and to talk about whether we were still going in the right direction with our challenge or not. Unfortunately, I fell ill on the Sunday before and hadn’t fully recovered from it on Monday, so I decided to stay at home, hoping to get better. Fortunately, I did feel a lot better on Tuesday and as for the progress made on our challenge, we were on the right track according to our coordinators. Earlier this week, we received an e-mail from an entrepreneur who offered to give an interview and all kinds of information about her experiences as an entrepreneur and about bankruptcy. She sent this e-mail to our joint internship group e-mail account, which we just created the week before. This way we wanted to, among other things, create more awareness for what we were doing, as was discussed during one of our classes from the course ‘Entrepreneurship and Networks’, and with success! 2 other students from my group arranged this interview with this entrepreneur and we received some really interesting information! As for me, as I told you last week that I was searching for a person with filming and editing experience, but I didn’t manage to find one. However, one of my group mates fortunately did, which was a big relieve! The other thing on my to-do list was contacting the webmaster of the Feniksgroep website, in order to ask him about the possibilities of us perhaps having our own website or maybe a section on the Feniksgroep website, where we can show the video and information as well. So I e-mailed him and now I am waiting for an answer about his views. I will tell you next week what the results will be.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and hopefully you will read my next week’s blog as well! 🙂


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