Group 8, Enterprising regions Luuk Joep & Ine week 47

Group 8, Enterprising regions Luuk Joep & Ine week 47

Hello everyone,

With this blog we (Luuk, Joep & Ine) would like to introduce you to our new project. The project is linked to the minor course Enterprising Regions and the name of our project is ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. In this blog you can read the progress of our project and stay updated.

We started our project with a brainstorm session. It was important to find a good theme. Some options that came to our mind were tourism, business failure, entrepreneurial platform and a few other options. After deliberation with our tutor we chose a research question and during this project we will try to find an answer on this question: What is the effect of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement on local entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

This week we all found two articles related to the subject to help us with the theoretical framework and to start creating an hypothesis. We all made an individual summary of those articles. To find out wether or not our hypothesis will be right, we will invite several Indonesian entrepreneurs for an Interview. Meeting them in real life would of course be very special and maybe even the best way to interview a person, but due to the time and distance obstacles, we decided that an Skype interview would be suitable too.

At this moment we are waiting for the entrepreneurs to respond so we can make an appointment. Up to now we experience this project as very instructive. It is a subject which we were all not very familiar with, but it turns out to be very interested. And we are very happy with the help and connections of our tutor.

Stay tuned for new updates, group 8 wishes you all a nice weekend,

Luuk, Joep & Ine

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