Gentrification in Amsterdam Noord – Week 47 – Group 5: Dina, Michael, Pieter-Bas

Gentrification in Amsterdam Noord – Week 47 – Group 5: Dina, Michael, Pieter-Bas

Enterprising regions

Hello readers! New week, new blogs. Starting from this week we’re going to fill you in about our new project for the course enterprising regions! Our final assignment for this course is to conduct a case study about a topic regarding either regional development, where the focus lies on local linkages, or globalization, where the focus is on worldwide linkages.

After we got introduced to the topics, we decided to conduct a case study about the topic ‘Social capital and gentrification in Rotterdam’. Gentrification is a common and widespread controversial topic and term in urban planning. It refers to shifts in an urban community lifestyle and an increasing share of wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values.

Because we’re living in Amsterdam we asked if it was possible to investigate the capital of the Netherlands instead of Rotterdam. According to Marja Spierenburg, Amsterdam Noord was at the moment one of the ‘hippest’ areas regarding gentrification, so we decided to investigate that area. After some research and help from our tutor, we limited our case study to the ‘Pekmarkt’.

The Pekmarkt is a new market (since 17 September 2014) in the North of Amsterdam located in the van der Pekbuurt, a neighborhood which nowadays has many financial and social problems. With this new initiative, the municipality of Noord aims to rise up this neighborhood by giving the opportunity to the residents of the Pekbuurt to start their own little enterprises in this market as well as uniting the residents of the neighborhood with each other.

Does the introduction of the Pekmarkt indeed has its expected positive effects on the Pekbuurt? Or will this market play no role at all in the process of gentrification of this neighborhood? Will, for example, the residents of the Pekbuurt indeed benefit from the Pekmarkt? Or will residents of other neighborhoods take their advantage by starting their enterprises?

In the upcoming weeks we will investigate this important and interesting topic by, among others, conducting interviews with habitants of the Pekbuurt, entrepreneurs and/or entrepreneurship professionals.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Group 5 (Dina Zaouid, Michael Brom, Pieter-Bas Dekkers)

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