Floris den Boer, week 47, intership blog

Floris den Boer, week 47, intership blog

Hi everyone!

This week we at our first evaluation meeting during our time of the internship. It was not an end evaluation, but an intermediate evaluation. Sacha, Jonas and I discussed with Serena how we were making progress with the project. The current state of the project is good. We have a producer (a friend of Robbert) to help us with the script of the movie to create more awareness amongst entrepreneurs, and Sacha came with the good news that he found a guy who would be able to film for free. The only person we are missing for our movie is someone who could do the editing, but Sacha and Guido are still looking around for someone who has that skill. Jonas and I also interviewed an entrepreneur for input for the folder. Serena put us in touch with Aggie, an entrepreneur who gone bankrupt with her company that arranged locations for people to meet with each other. We especially asked her how her family reacted to the bankruptcy and she told us that her husband could feel earlier than Aggie herself that was going bankrupt. She also advised to starting entrepreneurs to have an exit strategy, because she didn’t had one and she confirmed that if she would have had one she might have prevent the bankruptcy. Sacha and I also had a meeting with two representatives of the community of Utrecht. We were interested if they could sponsor our folder. They said they were also busy with developing a kind of digital folder, where an entrepreneur could see all the types of organization to go for help, but they unfortunately didn’t had any budget for us to sponsor our folder. The good news was that the Feniksgroep had the possibility to have a spot on the digital folder of the community of Utrecht, so if we could realize that we would be very proud!

Kinds regards,

Floris den Boer


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