Enterprising Regions Group 6, Week 47, Impacts of Telecom Development on Local Entrepreneurship in Africa

Enterprising Regions Group 6, Week 47, Impacts of Telecom Development on Local Entrepreneurship in Africa

Hi readers, welcome to our first blog about the impacts of telecom development on local entrepreneurship in Africa, which is our topic for the group assignment for Entrepreneurship and Networks!

The reason we chose this topic is that we thought that this was both a very interesting and a very broad topic, meaning that we can take a look at this topic from various different views. This in turn meant that we had a lot of options to choose from when formulating our research question.

Last Tuesday was our first group consultation with our lecturer Marja Spierenburg. Together with her, we managed to formulate a proper and relevant research question. Eventually, we agreed to research how African financial companies are reaching their customers and in which way they support local entrepreneurship by providing mobile banking services. Furthermore, we are going to research the difference between local and international companies in how these companies are reaching their customers. Unfortunately, Mike couldn’t be there because of internship obligations.

Last Thursday, we had our second group consultation, which we attended with all 3 of us. We presented our ideas and research question again, and we told our coordinator which (in our opinion relevant) articles we had been reading in order to receive more information on the topic. Fortunately, our coordinator agreed with all of them, proving to us that we were heading in the right direction.

As for next week, and for Thursday in particular when we have our next group consultation, we will try to define some sub-questions for our research question, in order to break down the work load and make it more clear to everyone what we will have to do concretely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog and hopefully you will read our next week’s blog as well! 🙂

Guido, Martijn & Mike (Group 6)


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