Anouk Lambers_Entrepreneurship Networks_Assignment 4

Anouk Lambers_Entrepreneurship Networks_Assignment 4

Hey everyone!

This week we had to interview a female and male entrepreneur. I had to find out how they use their networks, how they get in contact with their network relationships, and in what way they could improve their networking skills. Also it was interesting to look at the differences between the female and male entrepreneur.

The female entrepreneur is the owner of a little clothing shop. Clothing has always been her main interest, so she is very passionate about what she does and finds het business one of the most important things for her. She focusses on expanding and maintaining her network in the best way. She states that she contacts network relationships to acquire knowledge very often. The network relationships which she searches for has to have a good reputation and also has to be useful for her own business. So it is obvious that the female entrepreneur scored high in prestigious tie seeking practices. She gets in contact with network relations through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter all the time. She finds that very important. Apparently, she also scored high in digital dyadic signaling. She scored very low in directed organizing. That is a dimension of networking which she has to improve in. It is a good thing to take more part in organizing conventions and exhibitions. And it is also very important for entrepreneurs to get in contact with network relationships through sponsoring events and activities. The female entrepreneur doesn’t do that often, so I see improvement coming.

The male entrepreneur is the owner of a café in the center of Amsterdam. He loves working with people around him and therefore he is very happy to have his own café. He is constantly busy expanding and maintaining his network, just like the female entrepreneur. He also finds it very important to pay attention to the status and reputation of the organization where his network relationship is working. The male entrepreneur scored high in directed organizing and undirected signaling. He often goes to sponsoring events and activities about entrepreneurship to get in contact with network relations. That is a positive thing concerning his networking skills. He scored low in digital signaling. He doesn’t use Facebook and Twitter. He only uses LinkedIn, but not very often. That is definitely a thing in which he has to improve.

The big difference between the female and male entrepreneur is that their networking skills differ completely from eachother. The female uses Facebook and Twitter for networking and has to improve in going to conventions and sponsoring activities. And concerning the male, it is precisely the other way around.

I hope I gave you guys some insights!

Anouk Lambers



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