Lucie Swart_week47_Voordekunst_EI

Lucie Swart_week47_Voordekunst_EI

Hi fellow bloggers,

This week we did not planned a meeting with Kristel from ‘Voordekunst’, but we had to continue to work on our theoretical framework. This also applies for next week. The sub questions that we are going to answer are:

  • What motivates donors to donate? Through this question we can figure out if people donate because they want to do something for somebody else, or maybe they donate because of altruistic perspective. By reading literature, among others, about crowdfunding you will get a good picture of this sub question.
  • How does the group donors, that donate three or more times, look like? This we will call the regular donor group. We will research this by means of a survey. We will ask them questions about: age, gender, experience with crowdfunding etc.
  • How does the regular donor group experience the concept of ‘Voordekunst’? We will examine this on the basis of the survey as well and we are going to look for theory about communication, social media and crowdfunding. Questions we can think of are: how do they experience the site and the social media aspect (Facebook/Twitter)? How do they experience the contact with the project holders?
  • What are the possibilities for giving something extra to the regular donor group? Here we have to think about what is realistic for ‘Voordekunst’, we have to think about the budget and we have to think about the donors. What kind of extra service do they want?

These sub questions will be answered in our theoretical framework on the basis of a survey, depth-interviews, literature and own knowledge.

I am already looking forward to the results of this framework.

See you next week!



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