In this blog (assignment 4) I have conducted two interviews. The first interview was held with Monica Popescu, a freelance interim manager mainly for local governments. She has years of experience and a vast network of people in the same line of business. The second interview was with Michael Verstraete, a young entrepreneur that recently started his business in helping other start-ups with their paperwork. Monica has two kinds of people in her network. On the one hand she knows a lot of people working for different governmental institutions. On the other hand she gets in contact with fellow freelancers and also attends networking events with these people. In her opinion, the downside of these events is that you stay in the same kind of environment which can cloud your view of reality. Also, her drive to expand het network is getting less and less with her pension in the back of her mind. She doesn’t think that her gender has had any effect on the way she operates. She mainly works with men and never had the feeling that the was being left out.                 Michael is a whole different story so it’s nice to have a good comparison. As said, Michael is a young entrepreneur that recently started his own business. He is still in the growing stage of his business and thus his network. He tries to expand and get to know as many different kinds of people as possible. He does think that it helps that he is a male because a lot of the people he uses in his network are also male. He supplies administrative services to start ups so he deals a lot with notaries and accountants (mainly male). Being young, je uses new kinds of media a lot, also social media. Facebook and LinkedIn are very helpful in attaining new contacts of future business.


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