Danielle Bitter,2522532, networks, assignment 4

Danielle Bitter,2522532, networks, assignment 4

I interviewed a female entrepreneur (zzp’er) who has a business in management consultancy in the area of export and a male entrepreneur who has a market research business. I asked them on how they acquire, and use their network relations to their benefit.

The female entrepreneur was very focused on sharing knowledge with her network but also uses them to get more valuable network contacts and she often visits events to get in touch with existing and new network relations. This is not surprising if we look at the field of expertise she is in. She doesn’t use a lot of alternative ways, like blogs, twitter and Facebook, to stay or get in touch with network relations. When I addressed this to her and she replied that email contact and visiting network events were efficient enough for her to keep, and get in touch with network relations considering she runs her business alone.

The male entrepreneur was focused on getting more brand awareness and really looking at who his contacts were and how they could help him in the future. This also is in line with his field of expertise.  He on the other hand doesn’t attend different kinds of network events to stay or get in touch with network relations. When I addressed this to him he acknowledged that it was an area where there is a lot of room for improvement for more brand awareness but due to his busy schedule he hasn’t found the time for it yet.

When I compared the female and male entrepreneur I didn’t see much differences between them  accept the fact that the male entrepreneur scored really low on visiting organized events but he already explained that that had to do with his busy schedule and acknowledged that that is an area of improvement.

grafiek male and female


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