Danielle Bitter, week 46, voordekunst

Danielle Bitter, week 46, voordekunst

Last week there were some big steps made in the right direction. My fellow students had a meeting with Voordekunst. I was unable to attend the meeting because of personal reasons. At the meeting they discussed the research question. This is the most critical process throughout our research because the research question defines what you will investigate and what you will address for further research. If this is not done carefully the research can become too broad and therefore miss its point. The research question will be sharpened throughout the research because you can always stumble upon things you didn’t see at forehand. And you want the boundaries to be perfectly set so all the relevant subjects are taken into consideration and you don’t waste your time spitting through papers and data that you cannot use for the final report.

Like I said there are some big steps being made like defining our survey. This is also a process were we will sharpen the questions throughout. We come up with the initial questions and then send them to Voordekunst to get feedback on them. Maybe they already have the information we are asking for or they fine tune it so it becomes more specific to the research question. So it is a bit of a process but at the end a good survey is critical. And I also want to take the opportunity in this blog to stress how good the collaboration with Voordekunst is going. They are really helpful and always have time for us to answer our questions or provide us with feedback. This is really beneficial for the final product because when the collaboration is good we can really, as the say in Dutch, “spijkers met koppen slaan”.


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