Enactus – Week 46 – Dina Zaouid

Enactus – Week 46 – Dina Zaouid

Internship blog

Hey hey! Last week I told you about our new idea to reduce the waste in Amsterdam. Summarizing, it’s about buying misshaped food from farmers, change it into a product, and resell it for an acceptable price.

Since then we’ve tried to contact as many farmers as we could. It didn’t appear to be as easy as we thought it would be. Most of the farmers we called actually didn’t have any waste products because they were linked to farmer stores so they could use their misshaped food into products like juices etcetera. Furthermore we contacted Food Guerilla. Food Guerilla is a network of 150 food initiatives aiming to achieve a more honest, a more sustainable and a healthier food system. We’ve sent them an email in which we explained that we have the same intention as they have in reducing food waste and if they could help us to contact any farmers with too much misshaped food. We’re trying very hard to make as many contacts as we can to get our new enterprise start ASAP! Any help or thoughts from you would definitely be appreciated!

See you soon!

Dina Zaouid

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