Week 46 Ine van der Spek internship

Week 46 Ine van der Spek internship

Hello everyone!

What a week.. I must say, we have a very motived group. Sometimes I even doubt if we are to motivated. Our goal is to create more awareness for business failure and we planned to do that with a video and a flyer. But man, this is so much work. There is a lot that comes along with these two things. And without a large budget it is almost impossible. However, we do not give up, we move on and look at the bright side(s).

One of these bright sides is that we found a producer, a student who one day want to be a film producer. She is a friend of Robert en she would love to add this project to her CV. That is why Robbert and I made an appointment with her. Her name is Vivianne, she is the same age as we are and she is a very friendly person. When we told her our idea she immediately had all kind of ideas. Together with Vivianne, Robbert and I discussed the who film scene by scene.

Vivienne gave us a lot of tips. For example that fighting is very hard to act, and a phone call can be hard and sometimes even boring to watch. She explained that it is easier to make a silent movie, which I totally agreed with. After these tips we made an action list. On the action list we wrote the things that we need to arrange for the filmset. And I can tell you, it is a long, long list. This was it for me for this week, speak to you next week!

For now, have a lovely weekend.


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