week- 46- ESHP Intro- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

week- 46- ESHP Intro- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

Hello fellow bloggers,

Slowly but surely we are coming somewhere with our challenge. Although not so much has changed since last week. We are in the process of getting into contact with people who can film and who are able to guide us in making a clip. It is quit hard to make a video clip. One of our group members knows a student from the theater school who was able to judge the scripts we had made. Luckily she gave us some very important feedback. So we were able to adjust the scripts to make them even better. We are I think a bit behind schedule for the folder. All our work has gone into making a video clip. But we’ll manage to get up to speed.

The planning for next week is to meet with the city council of Utrecht to get information from them about the problems concerning bankruptcy. When we have that information we can finally work on our folder. The idea is that via the clip people can get to the information that is inside folder.

Although we all stand behind the idea of the folder and the clip there are some arguments about to make a complete new website for this campaign or just make a new page on the current website of the Feniksgroep. In my humble opinion it is a good idea to make a new page instead of a new website because it reduces costs and its more difficult to build on. (think about time).

As we are not so much experienced in making a campaign we calles the government department who makes campaign for all the seperate departments. We asked if we could have appointment with them to ask if the would have any usieful information for us. We are still waiting for an answer….

Have great weekend

Alexander van Ravenswade



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