Rayendall Bitorina, week 46, internship @ SEEDS

Rayendall Bitorina, week 46, internship @ SEEDS

Hi everyone!

This week we continued developing our marketing strategies for SEEDS. Last week we discussed the stage of ‘attention’ with our contact person at SEEDS. He wanted more physical things for their website so we can hold the attention of the visitors and reinforce their interest in crowd funding and eventually in SEEDS. With the templates we created, we tried to put the focus on interactivity and accesibility. We think that the relationship between the potential customers and SEEDS can be improved through these elements.

We designed two templates for SEEDS, one home page for the raising of awareness, and one page for the entrepreneur who is interested in crowd funding. In the template for the entrepreneurs we put the focus on highlighting the USP’s of SEEDS. We wanted to present them in two different ways. The first way to present the USP’s is to rational name the information about the USP’s of SEEDS. Secondly, we wanted to presented the USP’s in a more emotional way. We did this to show several videos and succesful projects to get and maintain the entrepreneurs attention. In this way the entrepreneur will be influenced in two ways.

Overall, the whole page must obtain a certain level of interactivity, this is also shown in our templates. Entrepreneurs must have easy acces to information and the extra opportunities that SEEDS offers. We presented the information in a easy way for the entrepreneur that is interested in SEEDS. In the following weeks we will closing on the procedure of signing up and get into business with SEEDS. I will keep you updated!

Have a nice weekend!


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