Pedram Shadbash – Entrepreneurship and Networks – Assignment 3

Pedram Shadbash – Entrepreneurship and Networks – Assignment 3

Hi everyone,

For this week’s assignment I have interviewed Ghazal, a professional nail stylist who runs her own salon. We discussed several aspects of embeddedness in general terms of entrepreneurship and related this phenomenon to her own specific situation, resulting in some interesting self-reflective outcomes which gave her even more insight in her own situation.

Before we discuss the outcomes of the interview, it is perhaps important to know how I described and explained embeddedness to Ghazal. I described embeddedness as an alternative explanation for standard economical models that don’t recognize social patterns and ties through which economic activities are held place. Embeddedness is the embeddedness of an entrepreneur in a network, regarding the relational and structural network through which the activities find place.

In Ghazal’s case, it was quite clear that she is highly embedded in a specifiek structural and relational network of CND professionals. CND is an American brand or professional nail products. She followed her education at a CND institute, learning her how to work with CND materials through CND guidelines. Thus, the people she still consults for questions related to her business are CND professionals. More specifically, all the products she buys are also from this CND institute.

As a young entrepreneur who has just recently (three months ago) started her salon, facing all kinds of questions she can not answer on her own due to her lack of experience, she evaluates her embeddedness in this network as a safe and satisfying outcome that helps her in all entrepreneurial aspects. She does however agree with me that she is overembedded in this network. Working as a CND stylist means that she can only use their products and that she probably isn’t capable of working with other methods other than CND’s. The people in her network are also CND stylists which could narrow her view in several points. However, she acknowledges CND to be the market leader in innovation and quality, desribing her overembeddeness in this network as a positive outcome that enables her to have success formulas for her salon. Besides, she feels safe to be able to ‘hide herself’ behind CND and her network, relying on CND’s marketing activities for her own benefit.

She understands that her overembeddedness could be described as paradoxial, because even if it makes her feel more united with other CND professionals, it excludes her from a lot of other networks. However, she again states that this has more positive outcomes than negative outcomes.

Thanks for reading and ’till next time!

Pedram Shadbash 2510812

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