Lucie Swart_week46_Voordekunst_

Lucie Swart_week46_Voordekunst_

Hi fellow bloggers,

Today I will post a short blog, because our meeting that we planned on today has canceled. For this week we had to write the first draft in order to start with our research. This draft contains a research question and sub-questions about the donation-behaviour. Kristel told us last week that we had to change our research question, because it contained a yes/no answer. Because we are going to write an advisory report we changed the research question into: what kinds of possibilities are there from Voordekunst in order to give the donors (who donated 3 or more times) something extra? And does this correspond to the interests of this group? We also made a start with the questionnaire we want to take. We will extend it during our next appointment we scheduled on next Monday. We will also think about questions we can include in the depth-interviews we want to take with several donors.

Next week I hope to inform you about the progress of our research!



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