Dear boys and girls,

Welcome to the best blog there is around and thank you for joining me once again in this entrepreneurial journey. Last week was all about deciding what the project was going to be all about. We came to the conclusion that the boat renovation idea was undoable so we landed on our plan B. We now want to buy fruit and vegetables that are destined for disposal and give them a second life. In the Enactus way of thinking you also have to help the environment with your project so we want to reduce the level of waste and put needy people to work. So at this point it is time to work out our plan and go towards a business plan. We don’t have to execute the plan itself but it should be good enough to pass on to other Enactus members to implement. The first step is to get informed about where to get the produce. And that first step is what our group is working on at the moment. We contacted several farmers but it wasn’t all that easy to get sound answers. To our surprise a lot of work is being done to make the whole industry greener so a lot of farmers already have waste reduction programmes. Most of the biological farmers that have websites have their business figured out well so for the next week it would be wise to get off the beaten path and call more small-scale farmers.

We also contacted a couple of organisations like Enactus that make an effort to make the industry greener. We thought that joining an existing movement would be a nice way to get informed but the responses were all very general and didn’t really help us along the way yet. For the next week we will try our best to get in contact with fruit and vegetable suppliers. Once we figured out were we can get the produce we can look at the second step, which is turning the products into finished products ready for sale.

See you next week.


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