Faraz Khattar, Week 46, Internship

Faraz Khattar, Week 46, Internship

Hi everyone,

this week we continued to work on the planning we made several weeks ago. We are good on track with our planning and so far we are making pretty good progress. We finalized the Attention part of the AIDE model by actually designing two templates with Photoshop of the structure of the website. We changed the structure focused on the research that we have done on how to attract the attention of the visitors (in this case new entrepreneurs) and how get them so far to register on SEEDS for their crowdfunding campaign. When comparing SEEDS to other crowdfunding platforms one of the things that really needed to change was to make the website more interactive and effective. Via this way the attention could easily be influenced in a positive way. Therefor it is very important to work with large banners and different kind of tools. Also creating interest was one of our goals. We focused on two different parts this week. One was the home page, the other one the page for the entrepreneurs. When the entrepreneurs enter the website based on our structure they immediately get to see a large banner that exists out of different slides. The slides will show the main running campaigns and convince people to invest with one click. Next to the slide there will be a tool that we have created whereby visitors can do a test to see if crowdfunding is suitable for their company, if the answer is yes they will be directly forwarded to the entrepreneur page where they can find all the info they need in a very clear way. On that page there is a test that the entrepreneur can do to see if crowdfunding via SEEDS is suitable fort them. We also worked on how to provoke their interest based on the USPS of SEEDS. For creating interest we focused on two different ways. 1 is rational, 2 is emotional. Rationally the USP’s are written in a very clear way; emotionally they can find videos of successful entrepreneurs that have done their campaigns via SEEDS. The entrepreneur also will have the chance to immediately sign up and register, or choose to read other information regarding the process and the tools that SEEDS deliver when doing crowdfunding via their platform.

Faraz K


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