Chris Boer – Week 46 – Voordekunst

Chris Boer – Week 46 – Voordekunst

Hello readers,

last week I wrote about our business plans and all that it is about and contains. We were supposed to meet up with Kristel from Voordekunst and discuss the altercations we made to this business plan based on the advice she gave us in the previous meeting. Due to the fact that Kristel had some changes in her schedule we ended up postponing the meeting till Monday.

The biggest altercation we had to make within our businessplan came down to the research question. Kristel told us we had to change it, because of the fact that it contained an answer that could simply be answered with yes or no. The research question was changed in to the following: what kind of possibilities does Voordekunst have in order to give donors ( who donated three times or more) something extra? And does this correspond to the interests of the donor group? We also made some sub-questions to give some direction to our research. Furthermore we thought about some questions for the survey, we made a start which we will discuss with Kristel.

I hope that in the next blog we have made further progress and that I can tell you more about the survey and our interviews that we are going to use during our research.

Till next week,

Chris Boer, 1983342

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