Week 46 – Internship blog – J.Toivonen

Week 46 – Internship blog – J.Toivonen

One of the topics of this week´s lectures was clusters. According to Porter (2000) clusters are geographic concentrations of sector-related company and support organizations, that compete but also cooperate in a specific sector of industry and that are surrounded by involved institutions such as universities, governing agencies and trade associations.

 For effective cluster development, social interaction, trust and shared vision play important roles. That means that physical places, such as cafeterias, sports fields, seminars etc., can be seen very essential factors to create a good social infrastructure. That is also something we have been highlighted in the internship in Science Park – How to create such a social infrastructure, which support networking.

As I wrote in my last blog post, we started to plan actions that should be taken in the valorization project of Science Park. One action we were thinking about was creating a student association. Student association can organize events and motivate students to become involved in the opportunities the Science Park create. Of course, actual location for that activity in University would be great but at least Internet platform should be provided. The members of student association could for example write weekly blog and mobilize other student by using actively social media.

Locations in Science Park should also support networking, which means that meeting rooms, park, events and shared laboratories play important roles. Virtual platform, which integrates all the activities under the umbrella is also important to take into account. Interaction between the parts should be also supported via media. Science Park can promote the economic development and competitiveness of regions and cities very effectively by building attractive spaces.

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