Realisation of the SBI minor – Internship Blog – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – week 45

Realisation of the SBI minor – Internship Blog – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – week 45

Dear readers,

In last mondays’ internship session, it was the first time that we meeted more people who are related to the SBI course. Carsten & I were also invited to a meeting with all kinds of people who are in a way related to the SBI course which is provided by the VU Amsterdam. Current students, alumni, lecturers and board members meeted around in a room in the W&N building and we discussed several things with regards to the organization and thinking about the content of the SBI-minor courses. Most of the participants of the meeting had followed the SBI bachelor/master course and already have a lot of experience with running businesses and all the associated things which are related to science & entrepreneurship.

One thing that was clear during the meeting amongst everyone in the room, was that the minor SBI has to be more practical rather than theoretical. It still has to maintain essential theoretical courses (12 ECTS maximum) but the remaining 18 ECTS have to be maintained by working on business cases from eventual different companies which are related with the SBI course. We also discussed the content of what kind of method of teaching is ideal for the SBI minor… Carsten & I introduced the idea of a kind of an online portfolio and mostly everyone in the room commented very enthusiastic on our idea. The participants in the room also brought up very new ideas which could be easily implemented into our idea for an online portfolio such as a coach or a tutor who will accompany a group of students in order to come up with good results and a specific conclusion for their business-case.

In general it was a good and convenient meeting to also see more opinions on the minor.

Nima Rounaghi

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