Bárbara Macedo, Week 45, Entrepreneurship and Networks

Bárbara Macedo, Week 45, Entrepreneurship and Networks

Hello Hello!!

This week we had an interesting assignment! We had to use the TouchGraph application along with facebook to get a graphical representation of our network.

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-11 om 12.33.23

To form the basis to construct this image it was used my facebook profile containing 606 friends. Many of theses friends have some sort of direct connection apart from mine. Looking at the image it is possible to observe different clusters.

In the center is concentrated most of my friends. This is due to the fact that in the city where I used to live (Brasília), despite being a big city, everyone know everyone! Or at least that is what I feel! In the central cluster are all my childhood, high school and university friends who end up knowing each other. This large interconnected center is an important part of your network because it allows information to run faster (gossip), this could have a positive or negative side! But imagine the beginning of a new business, if the idea is good it can spread quickly through this dense network, and suddenly everyone will know your new venture!

The next cluster that I will analyze is represented by the light green color in the bottom. These friends represent my university colleagues, who are not so connected with the center. These colleagues are perhaps the most important part of my network if I wanted to open a new business. For example, if I am going to open a online shop, I could use these connections to make partnerships in different required areas to open a business: Advertising, web developing, accounting, etc.

In the cluster represented by the pink and purple colors, on the left part of the image, are my friends and contacts from my exchange program in Amsterdam. People are somehow interconnected as many of these friends are also Brazilians that participate in the same scholarship program.

Looking at the graphic developed by TouchGraph you can see how small the world is, and how our relations are connected. An interesting theory to explain that is the “six degree of separation” (Karinthy, 1929). This theory states that everyone on the planet can be connected to any other person with no more than five intermediate connections. Everyone is connected because everyone is “a friend of a friend”.



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