Robbert de Kruijff week 45 EN

Robbert de Kruijff week 45 EN

The assignment for this week is to look at my own network using TouchGraph, which creates a picture of my network with different colours for different clusters.

Three different clusters are at first, obviously the red cluster which I will name “Unitas” from now, the green cluster, “Boni” and the blue which

I will call “old friends” from now. The reason why these three clusters are separated from each other is because they played a part in my life at different periods. Obviously, I know my old friends from when I was very young, which includes people different ages but most of them higher educated, the group Boni was the group of people I got to knew when I went to high school and the group Unitas plays the biggest part now because it I got to learn them as a student and still have contact with them. Both the Boni and Unitas are clusters with about my age and most of them also higher educated.

If I would be starting my own retail shop I think my old friends would be very useful as consult, they are more experienced people with their own career paths. The cluster Boni could perhaps help me becoming national or with contacts in other cities, since they all moved out of the city I’m from, Utrecht. Then Unitas I think can help me with a lot, because there are a lot of students with different expertise’s and with different network for themselves and often without of barely any costs. For instance people who know a lot about marketing or people who can help me with financial administration.

Burt (2000) divides being in-between two clusters of social network in to two types of positions. Tertius gaudens meaning, “the laughing third” and Tertius iungens meaning, “the connecting third”. My position between Boni and Unitas is I think as Burt (2000) would call it a Tertius iungens, meaning I connect the to clusters in some ways rather then having a competitive advantage of some sort.

When Seeing the network in Pyramid layout and looking at the upper levels I notice in particular that people knowing more people from different clusters or are maybe even part of these clusters are on top of the pyramid.

Network Robbert


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