Schermafbeelding 2014-11-09 om 12.05.38

In the picture you’ll see my networks within my Facebook page. All networks have their own colour so it’s easy to tell them apart from each other. The three clusters that are of interest right now are the three biggest ones. In the middle you’ll see the red cluster. That is mainly comprised of people that are from the small town Bussum, where I grew up. The second one is the light green one up top. It’s the cluster from my fraternity. The third is not number three because of the size but because of the meaning. The orange group on the bottom is a group of people I met when I was on my gap year. It’s also the reason I started this Facebook page. These groups are unconnected because they come from different regions. The first two overlap a tiny bit, there both from the Noord-Holland area but the third one is comprised of Americans.

If I were to start up any business my network would help me in a couple of ways. My fraternity would me the biggest source of opportunity because it consist of people of higher education and a few of them already have some experience in having their own business. They are also very approachable when it comes to favours. My ‘Bussum’ cluster would be helpful because it’s the biggest group I have so the network reaches farther. And the gap year group would be helpful when it comes to expanding to the US but only for some general cultural insights.

If we compare the two biggest groups, the one from my home town and my fraternity group I consider myself the tertius iungens or the connecting role. There wouldn’t be a reason why I would take advantage of the connection between these groups other than combined activities for fun. The result is that I combine the groups if I want both groups to participate in a good time. At the moment it’s nothing business related yet.

With the pyramid layout the people that have a similar network within my friends on Facebook are on top. So I’m number one because it’s my profile and the ones that share my social group are up top along myself.


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