TouchGraph – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

TouchGraph – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

Entrepreneurship & Networks


Welcome to my blog again! This week’s assignment is to discuss the content of my social network using the Facebook application Touchgraph.

As you can see in the picture above, there are many clusters. The reddish cluster for example, which represents people I know from high school (age: 18-22). Or the light green one above, which represents ‘the Egyptian community’ in the Netherlands (age: 16-30). There also is the blue cluster, which represents my family in Egypt (age: 10-50). I will focus on these three large unconnected clusters while discussing the content of my network.

The clusters currently are unconnected because I know them from different locations. Now let’s imagine that I’ll start a retail web shop. To which extent would I find opportunities, resources or legitimacy in these three clusters? My family in Egypt (blue cluster), would only be helpful if the web shop is international because then they can help me with gaining legitimacy. The ‘Egyptian community’ in the Netherlands (green cluster) would also be very helpful to gain legitimacy among the Egyptians living here and their friends. Some of them could also provide me with some resources like website designs, advertising, products, etc. The last cluster (the reddish one) however, could help me to find opportunities because most of them are weak ties which are more useful than strong ties in gaining instrumental goals.

As a central person between these unconnected clusters I could play two roles, a tertius gaudens or tertius jugens. I definitely am a tertius jugens. As an example I’ll take my family (blue) and high school (reddish) clusters. One of my high school friends (DR, big node between blue and reddish cluster) is one of my best friends and as a tertius jugens I connected her to my family cluster. I also connected her to the light green (Egyptian friends in the Netherlands) cluster. The result of this acting is that I strengthen the ties between me and my friends because there’s a third party involved.

I hope you liked the analysis of my social network on Facebook.

Dina Zaouid

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