Lucie Swart_Week 45_TouchGraph

Lucie Swart_Week 45_TouchGraph

Hi fellow bloggers,

The blog assignment for this week was that we had to use TouchGraph on facebook in order to analyse our personal network. I have analysed my own network and as you can see, there are many different clusters. Some of them are connected to each other, but in this blog I will discuss three of them, which are apparently unconnected. Moreover I will mention my possible role as tertius gaudens. The three clusters that I will talk about are: ‘VU network’, these are people from university and are displayed in the green cluster in the top left corner; ‘family’, they are displayed in the orange cluster in the left centre; ‘sorority’, they are displayed in the green cluster in the top right corner. ‘Family’ isn’t connected to either both of them, because of geographical reasons. My family lives in the south of the Netherlands and the members of ‘Vu Network’ and ‘Sorority’ come from different places throughout the country. The fact that the two remaining clusters aren’t connected to each other is a little less obvious, because I met all these people around the same time in the same city. There are also members of ‘sorority’ that study at VU University, but apparently their life paths differ significantly. If I were an entrepreneur who started her own retail webshop, I would definitely consult my ‘sorority’ network, because they can provide me with business opportunities because of their large network as well. The members of Vu network can be useful in terms of social resources: social support, advice, and intellectual expertise. This can be described in terms of expressive goals: the protection and maintenance of your own resources. All three clusters differ in offering social resources, which is beneficial for me. In ‘Vu network’ and ‘Sorority’ I could have a role as tertius gaudens (Burt, 2000), because I can consult both of them separately. I do not have to connect them, because they both have their own value in itself.
My youngest brother, a good friend of mine and an important organ of my sorority are the key connectors of my social network. It is remarkable to see that they exist in three different clusters. We have mutual importance to each other as a bridge between social contacts.

This was it for today, see you next week!



Reference: Burt, R. (2000). The Network Entrepreneur. In Swedberg, R. (ed.), Entrepreneurship, The Social Science View. (pp. 281-307). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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