Enactus – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

Enactus – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

Internship blog

Here I am again, writing about my internship at Enactus. Last week I told you about our initial plan, reducing the amount of abandoned boats in the canals of Amsterdam by recycling them, but as I mentioned it turned out that the costs were unaffordable. I also mentioned that we already had an alternative idea and I know that because I left you in curiosity last week you are here again waiting for me to tell you about our new idea. Not curious? Oh ha-ha, you should be!

Anyway, our new idea definitely is about one of the hippest topics at the moment among the sustainable and social enterprises. It’s about thrown away food, fruit and vegetables in particular, because they are misshaped. Kind of harsh actually, I mean, would you like to be thrown away because you have a bump on your cheek? Okay, I’m sorry, I’m trying to be funny or something today, but it doesn’t seem to work because you’re not laughing (which I completely understand). Back to our idea, it seems that there is so much wasted food because the consumers don’t like ‘misshaped’ fruit or vegetables. For instance if a cucumber is curved, the farmer will throw it away because there’s no demand for it, or sometimes they sell it for one tenth of the initial price. It’s really ridiculous and not-understandable that this happens, and we, in corporation with Enactus, are going to stop this!

The idea is that we buy the misshaped food from farmers for a lower price, change it into a product, and resell it for an acceptable price. A related idea is to give for every sold product, a product to the food bank. This way we do not only reduce the amount of waste in Amsterdam, but we also create social value. Ideally, we would connect the food bank with the farmers and let them exchange the products themselves.

I’m very enthusiastic about this idea and I believe that it’s very reliable to start this enterprise before the end of our internship. Stay tuned to read about our progress!


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