Rayendall Bitorina, week 45, internship SEEDS

Rayendall Bitorina, week 45, internship SEEDS

Hey people!

This week we had our internship on wednesday, we worked on the first step of our AICDAS – model. We worked on the step ‘ Attention ‘. With the research we did in the previous weeks we could now put that together in how SEEDS can manage to raise more awareness for crowd funding. A phenomenon as interactivity plays a huge part in this stage.

We looked to the differences of the several crowd funding platforms and how SEEDS can improve theirs. Effective ways for SEEDS to raise awareness must be built around 3 criteria:

  1. Concretize their product.
  2. Make clear for which segment of the market this product/service is relevant.
  3. Point out the advantages for this particular segment.

If we implement these criteria on SEEDS, we can see that they offer crowd funding for entrepreneurs. Recently, SEEDS if focusing on trying to get entrepreneurs with plans in the sustainability of society. The advantages offered to these potential customers that they could activate their network to raise funds for starting their businesses and simultaneously lowering their risks.

For next week we will show our results of this first step to our contact person at SEEDS. After that we will work on step two of the AICDAS – model; Interest. Be looking out for that!

Have a nice weekend!

Rayendall Bitorina, 2525524

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