Pedram Shadbash – Week 45 – Internship

Pedram Shadbash – Week 45 – Internship

Hi everyone,

I can proudly say that I have had an extremely productive week at It took me quite some hours, but I handed in my communication-actionplan this monday. The goal was to search for options and media we could use to attrack more entrepreneurs to our crowdfunding platform.

I did a lot of research and set up an action plan in which I divided two kind of media: semi-governmental organizations and commercial media. I made a systematic analysis of the options and possibilites they could provide us if we would work together with these parties, in order to attrack more entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the PR bureau that helps us with made recommendations for us to actively seek and approach entrepreneurs with cool projects for our crowdfunding platform. Using website like I made a selection of some nice projects who could use our help! The list needs to be expaned though, in order to have more options we could use in our selection.

As you may know from reading my last blog, upcoming monday I will receive an entrepreneur from in our office. He will get a stage in our coffee corner and hopefully get the attention from our staff  as well. In order to inform all colleagues, I wrote small announcements in which I described the entrepreneur and his project. A colleague from Corporate Communication sent me an e-mail to ask whether it was okay if she contacted the entrepreneurs, to ask them some questions to make the announcements more personal through using quotes etc. I really liked her suggestion, so I am assuming this has already been take care of!

‘Til next week!



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