Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 2 – Week 45

Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 2 – Week 45

For this blog I analysed my network and the structure in it, with help of the Touchgraph app via Facebook. The graph can be see below.


As you can see, there are multiple unconnected clusters, and there is around 3 big ones, that are merged into each other. Let me explain all these clusters to you.

The big merged cluster (red,purple and green) consists of my elementary school, high school and my first football club. These are mostly the people that I grew up with over the years. Since this all takes place in The Hague, there are a lot of connections between all these people, which results in one big merged cluster.

The green cluster on the right is me new football club, where I have been playing for 2 years now. Since it is a football club from Scheveningen, it is sort of unconnected.  The other small clusters on the bottom of the graph are the people who I met on vacation.

The clusters I‘m going to use for the analysis, are the green cluster which is my new football club, the purple/red cluster, which is my high school. and the blue/purple that is in the left bottom corners, which are the people from America who I met on vacation.

I would have a great network for starting a company. This is because of the very different aspects that each cluster has. The people form my high school are the more wealthy, high educated and well connected people. The people from my football club are the less educated people, but are very hard workers who would do anything for a friend. And finally, the people in America can help me to get in touch with people in their country, and may are even able to help my get in to an University.

Between the clusters of my football club and high school I am definitely a tertius gaudens. There is no need for me to connect these clusters because they both have a totally different culture. For me it is beneficial, since I get more resources if I actually use both clusters.

When I visualize my Facebook network in a pyramid layout, the alters that are in the top are the people who have the most mutual friends in my network. They are mostly the people I am close with.

Thanks for reading!

Mike Spits


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